Why the SACRED Travel Mat is Perfect for Hot Yoga Classes

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The signature SACRED Travel Mat is not only great for bringing your practice on the road, but it makes for a perfect and unique yoga mat topper for hot yoga classes. Enjoy some of the greatest benefits of this state-of-the-art yoga mat:

  1. The SACRED Travel Mat is very lightweight and portable and comes with a beautiful pouch/purse so it’s easy to carry to any hot yoga studio.
  2. Cover a local studio mat with the Travel Mat so you don’t have to schlep a heavy one, and still get to use your own. Plus enjoy the extra padding!
  3. Unlike most yoga mat towels that bunch up and move around during practice, our travel mats stay flat and grip to the ground securely thanks to its density and rubber bottom.
  4. The mat’s vegan suede material is highly absorbant so you won’t get distracted by all the sweatiness leaving your body. Plus, the wetter it gets, the more grippy it becomes!
  5. Enjoy the central alignment system, helping you perfect your form, especially in fast-paced classes, when having natural alignment and balance support is much needed.
  6. The SACRED Travel Mat is easy to clean — either wipe it down at the end of practice with a natural yoga mat spray and clean cloth, or for a heavier duty cleaning, just rinse it in the shower with a wet sponge and a little natural soap. Leave to hang dry (avoid the sun) before folding back into its pouch.

We guarantee you will LOVE the SACRED Travel Mat for your hot yoga classes! Give it a try and let us know what you think.

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