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Welcome to the day slipping and sliding on your yoga mat officially ends.


Yoga Mat Perfection

Travel to your local studio or to the far reaches of the planet with our signature Sacred Hot Yoga Towel / Travel Mat. Its lightweight portability, highly absorbent material, and grippy natural rubber bottom, make it the perfect on-the-go mat and/or as extra support in your hot yoga practice.

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Pro & Core Sacred Yoga Mats

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Super Grippy and Reversible

Our 100% recyclable, non-toxic, reversible/double-sided natural rubber / vegan leather yoga mats are completely non-slip & floor stable.

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Comfortable Cushion

Stay balanced, while also taking care of those sensitive wrists and knees with firm, yet comfortable 3mm (Core) or 5mm (Pro) support.

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Advanced Durability

SACRED yoga mats are made with long-lasting, high quality rubber that will not crumble onto your hands and feet.


10% + Carrying Bag

Save 10% when purchasing a Yoga Mat of your choice + a signature Sacred Yoga Mat Carrying Bag.

  • icon Central Alignment
  • icon Eco-Friendly Natural Rubber
  • icon Extreme Grip
  • icon Extra Long & Extra Wide
  • icon High Vibe Design
  • icon Very Easy to Clean

What Our Yogis Think

Don't take our word for it. Below are some testimonials from just a few of our happy yogis.

I love how thin the Travel Mat is. I LOVE the bag. The design. Really feels like art infused in every detail!

Emily Fletcher

Ziva Meditation Coach

I'm constantly traveling, so I take my Sacred Travel mat with me everywhere — I really love it for yoga and also for my daily workouts. It’s so perfect.

Dr. Mark Hyman

14-Times Best Selling Author & Functional Medicine Guru

"For once, I'm not slipping and sliding on my mat, even in hot yoga. This mat is so grippy and stable, wow!"


New York

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