Two ways to easily clean your SACRED Travel Mat

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Whether you practice outdoors or hot yoga, cleaning and maintaining your mat is essential to prolonging its lifespan and keeping it hygienic. Here are two easy ways to effectively clean your beloved SACRED travel yoga mat.

  1. A quick after-session spray:

Most yoga sessions don’t end in a major need to deep clean your mat, but it’s always good to do a once-over with a natural yoga mat spray. 

You can either get a store-bought spray (make sure it’s totally natural and smells yummy), or if you’re feeling crafty, it’s quite easy to create your own! Check out this post by The Healthy Maven for a little lesson on how to create your own DIY yoga mat spray

Just spritz a little of the solution all over the mat and gently rub it with a clean, dry cloth. 

Always let your mat dry before folding or rolling it back up.

  1. Give your mat a shower:

A hot yoga session can often turn into a sweaty mess and a sunrise practice on a damp lawn can potentially scuff up your mat, but not to worry, with an easy rinse you can get your SACRED mat back to clean living in no time. 

Lay your mat down in the bath or hang it in the shower and give it a light and gentle soapy scrub (on whichever side is dirty) using a soft sponge and a natural glycerin soap or wash (like a Dr. Bronner’s). 

Rinse thoroughly and hang somewhere dry, but ideally not in the sun as you don’t want its pretty colors to fade. 

Make sure to wait until your mat is fully dry before folding or rolling up.

Important! Avoid using body oils and creams when practicing on the mat, they can easily stain the mat for good.

With these simple steps, you can keep your SACRED travel mat in top condition, keeping you supported by a beautiful foundation for your yoga journey!

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