I deeply believe that our thoughts and intentions create energy, and in turn, create matter. We leave traces of our vibrational footprint in every thought, action and in everything we touch, and resonant bonding allows this energy to transcend time and space. This philosophy has permeated every step I take in the world, down to the yoga mat I practice and meditate on.

Sacred Yoga was inspired by wanting to practice on a mat that not only checked all the boxes in terms of quality, grip, size, comfort, and sustainability, but there had to be an energetic component to the design. Through 11 Universal elements, the Sacred Eye is vibrationally charged with the frequencies of love, healing and protection, acting as a portal to the infinite wisdom of the cosmic mind.


1. Heart inside the Eye:
Love is the core resonance of the Universe, represented by the all-seeing, all-knowing, protective eye. Here, the heart sage symbolizes the greatest wisdom: unconditional love.

2. Water Droplet:
The yin to fire (9). Water is the essential element that exists in all living things on Earth. It represents life in its purest form. It nourishes us, replenishes us and soothes us.

3. Half Circle Arrow Up:
The energy of the divine masculine, the yang, in mobility and action, symbolizing creation and moving forward.

4. Half Circle Arrow Down:
The energy of the divine feminine, the yin, in a calming downward motion: symbol of balance and harmony with the masculine.

5. The North & South Poles:
The North and South poles of the Earth representing our crown, connecting us to the Universe and our feet connecting us to the Earth. These semi circle lines dance in a kinetic rotation, coupled with the spin of the masculine/feminine, cultivating chi energy within the atomic circe of the cosmos.


6. The Atomic Circle: 
The Universal flow of atomic energy: quantum kinetic infinity that is expanding inside a vacuum.

7. Leaf:
The leaf represents nature, growth, oxygen, life, and consciousness on a different vibration. All things that grow are alive and a part of our Earth’s biosphere.

8. Four S’s:
Sound, sight, smell and sensation are the ways we connect with each other and the world around us. The number four here reprsents harmony and balance.

9. Flame:
The yang to water (2). Fire ignites creativity, passion, fertility, and excitement. It’s the element in us that entertains our dreams and motivates our spirit.

10. Four Expanding Circles:
The circles represent growth and expansion, the perpetual learning of enlightenment towards the heart, towards love.

11. Dotted Cross with Bull’s Eye:
The cross centrally unites the symmetry of the energetic flow, with all roads leading to the heart center, symbolizing the ultimate path of oneness.