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Practicing yoga has changed my life in many ways and has been a very sacred part of my daily ritual for more than a decade. It helps me ground and stay focused, but also deeply connects me to my soul and the wisdom of the stars. 

Throughout the years, I went through a variety of yoga mats and was never quite satisfied. The cheap ones were too flimsy, some of the pricier brands would crumble, or they weren't eco-friendly, and I never found one that was really that grippy. It was always something! So I took these important yoga mat matters into my own hands and decided to design what is now the signature Sacred Yoga mat.

First and foremost, I needed the mat to be as grippy as Earthly possible and it had to be 100% floor stable. I find that when practicing yoga, you must be totally secure so you have the confidence to move freely into any challenging position. Naturally, it had to be eco-friendly, non-toxic and not have a strong smell. Next, it was important that the mat be super functional so I added the central line—to help make alignment much easier, especially for beginners. I also wanted to make sure that the mat would be suitable for tall people and give yogis extra space in crowded studios, so I increased the standard length and width.

Last but not least, the design had to be beautiful and have great energy. As an artist and a lover of all things cosmic, I've always been fascinated with sacred geometry. I receive complex artistic downloads in interesting moments of my life and I knew that I needed to use the Sacred Eye symbol for this mat because it represents Universal-Earth energy. It is simple, yet complete. Its role is to activate the practice, bathe yogis in high vibes, and help transcend in meditation. To learn more detail about the symbol, click here.

I hope you enjoy and cherish your new mat!



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